Tribe welcomes data science legend Drew Conway as first advisor 🎉


Drew Conway is a data scientist, entrepreneur, author, and advisor to startups, academic institutions, and government agencies. But he’s perhaps most widely know for his creation of the Data Science Venn Diagram, which was foundational to the field.

Drew currently leads data science for Two Sigma Private Investments, where he drives differentiated investment decisions across private equity, venture, real estate and ESG investing. Prior to joining Two Sigma, Drew was the founder and CEO of Alluvium, an enterprise AI company (acquired in 2019), and co-founder of DataKind, a global non-profit of pro bono data scientists. He’s a frequent speaker about the role of data science in business and how companies can use ML to drive true value.

“Data science and technology are the last mile of innovation for almost every industry on the planet,” says Drew. “And it’s a natural fit for private equity investing. I referred Tribe to multiple companies and I saw how much they got out of it. This was due, in large part, to the quality of the people Tribe was able to bring in. They contributed not only in the strategy and execution of a plan, but new ideas, data sets, and the ability to test more than anyone thought possible in a short period of time. That’s when I knew I wanted to be more involved.”

“To remain competitive, all businesses must incorporate modern data science approaches to their decision making,” says Drew. “Yet, I have seen businesses of all sizes struggle. Tribe has cultivated an incredibly effective approach to supporting and guiding businesses through this transition, and I am both excited and honored to join the team as an advisor as they continue to build on their success.”

“Drew has long been a believer that the future success of businesses across all industries lies in being data driven – a belief we share,” says Jaclyn Rice Nelson, Tribe Co-founder. “Drew is not only someone who has built data science teams, he’s a practitioner who deeply understands the types of data problems that mid-market and enterprise customers across real estate, insurance, and energy are struggling with, and the impact working with top technical talent can drive for them. Private equity is a natural fit for Tribe and Drew is an amazing resource for our community and our clients – we’re thrilled to have him join our team as an official advisor.”

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