Your AI lab

Tribe is a collective of top engineers and data scientists from industry leaders in AI. We help companies use their data to drive business value.

Unlock the power of data for your business

We build and execute complete ML strategies from the ground up.

Augment Your Team

You have an existing team but want additional capacity to move faster. Use Tribe to accelerate your roadmap by adding top data and AI talent to your team.

Fully Managed Projects

You have an idea or scoped project but need the right technical talent to execute. Partner with Tribe to quickly assemble your data dream team to make your ideas a reality.

Access the right specialists for any data problem

Every member is vetted for technical expertise and experience building and deploying models at scale.

The Tribe way.

Why companies trust us to deliver critical AI.

We are leaders in AI and machine learning.
Tribe members are data and ML experts from industry leaders in AI. From building pricing algorithms at Airbnb to self-driving technology for Tesla, our members have the expertise to build tech that matters for your business.
We deploy the right talent for your needs.
Tribe can build a complete ML strategy and assemble a dream team from our network of ML talent to make it happen, deploy a specialist to solve a particular problem, or source the right engineer to join your team.
We have applied experience across industries.
Tribe members have direct experience building and deploying models at scale – from startups to Fortune 500s. We’ve done dozens of projects across finance, healthcare, insurance, and more.

We have proven results driving value for innovative companies.

“We engaged Tribe because we believe that machine learning will power the future of our business. Working with Tribe has enabled us to leverage the full power of our data to drive revenue and minimize risk.”

Brad Feld

"Tribe stepped in to our company at a critical time to help us not only build out our front-end, back-end and Machine Learning, but also to act as a true advisor and member of the executive team."

Patrick Murphy
Founder & CEO

"Tribe massively accelerated our work to leverage machine learning to design better cancer and COVID-19 vaccines, and helped us work with extraordinary talent on a very short timescale."

Hannu Rajaniemi
Co-Founder & CEO

"Working with Tribe wasn’t a replacement for building our own team – it was an enabler. In the end, we shipped faster and hired exactly the right person for the role. It’s the definition of win win."

Nat Manning
Kettle COO

AI with real world impact.

We’re engineers, researchers, and scientists from industry leaders in AI and machine learning.