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Machine Learning Engineer
Xoogler who fell in love with machine learning and data engineering. Loves working with startups. first employee at Weights & Biases.
Data Scientist
Product owner of data infrastructure at Google. Helped launch Apple card at Apple. Masters in Data Science.
AI Researcher
Worked across big tech and unicorn startups. Published 50+ papers on Neuroscience and AI. PhD in Cognitive Neuroscience.
Computer Vision Engineer
Deep experience in robotics and intelligent perception. Built autonomous robots for manufacturing and AV.

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Consumer Medical Device Company

Deployed customer churn prediction model and reduced engineering spend by 20%

"After Tribe joined, we went from 0 to 100 in terms for time to market. This work was a jet propulsion for our team." - Data Science Leader
Public Pharmaceutical Company

Increased GPU cluster efficiency to capture $2.8M in annualized net value

"In just 2 weeks, we were able to identify the core problem and increase the performance efficiency of training jobs by more than 35%, capturing an estimated $2.8M in annualized net realized value (~10+ extra compute nodes)." - CTO
Food Distribution Company

Drove $40M+ in increased revenue from process automation

“This is one of the most dynamic consulting engagements we’ve ever had. The value you’ve already provided is exceptional” - CEO
Startup Oil & Gas Logistics Company 

Automated manual processes for scale

“Working with Tribe means working with some of the best technical talent from silicon valley and it’s upleveled our entire company. We’ve worked with 16 engineers and product leaders from the Tribe network and the quality is simply talent we wouldn’t otherwise be able to attract to work with us.” - CEO 
Leading Private Equity Firm

Leveraged ML to prioritize and win competitive investments

"In 6 weeks of working with Tribe we built a custom ML-driven toolkit that enabled differentiated market insights. As a result, we've gone on to win competitive deals at a discount and build a truly differentiated investment strategy powered by data insights that Tribe surfaced." - Head of Data Science
Wingspan: A Modern Payments Startup

Built a classifier that reduces manual tasks and saves members time and money

“It made sense to work with Tribe on so many levels. For one, we knew we didn’t need a full time AI team today, but we needed our core product to be AI-enabled. And as a company we’re obviously very comfortable working with distributed teams and freelancers – we just wanted the best talent.” - Anthony Mironov, CEO
Kettle: A Reinsurance Startup

Built machine learning models to balance risk and bring better pricing to the $10 billion wildfire reinsurance market

“The Tribe folks came in and were fully integrated in our team. It was a benefit for us, having other smart voices in the room who had deeper expertise when it comes to satellite imagery and computer vision than what we had on the team.” - Nat Manning, COO
A PE-backed Insurance Company

Used machine learning to increase premium lift 7-12%

“Beyond premium lift, going through this exercise really affirmed for us how much more we can do with data and ML. It gave us insights into our book of business and uncovered more areas we can use data to make smarter decisions moving forward.” - CIO
Togal AI: A Construction Startup 

Built core models from the ground up creating the world’s fastest takeoff software

“Tribe stepped into our company at a critical time to help us not only build out our machine learning models, but also to act as a true technical advisor.” - Patrick Murphy, CEO

Fantasmo: A 3-D Mapping Startup

Optimized an existing ML model to reduce compute costs by 72%

"I think the benefit with Tribe is they’re so experienced in the field, they can come in and very quickly assess what needs to be done and start making progress. I think that’s something really special.” - Ryan Measel, CEO

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Tribe can build a complete ML strategy and assemble a dream team from our network of ML talent to make it happen, deploy a specialist to solve a particular problem, or source the right engineer to join your team.
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Tribe members have direct experience building and deploying models at scale – from startups to Fortune 500s. We’ve done dozens of projects across finance, healthcare, insurance, and more.

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