Work with the best talent in AI

We're engineers, researchers, and scientists from industry leaders in AI and machine learning.

We build end-to-end AI solutions and everything in between.

Data strategy.
We conduct an audit on your existing data to identify gaps, quality issues and develop a holistic data strategy.
Data security.
Safely use your data through enterprise-grade, governance, classification policies and deanonymization.
Technical validation.
We conduct deep technical research to validate that your project is viable and save you time and money.
Model development.
We build custom models that create operational efficiencies, reduce risk, and predict future outcomes.
Application development.
We ensure our models connect to your application layer. If you don't have one, we'll build it for you.

You don't have to be Google to build cutting-edge technology.

We work with startups and innovative enterprises.

We engaged Tribe because we believe that machine learning will power the future of our business. Working with Tribe has enabled us to leverage the full power of our data to drive revenue and minimize risk.”

Brad Feld

"Tribe stepped in to our company at a critical time to help us not only build out our front-end, back-end and Machine Learning, but also to act as a true advisor and member of the executive team."

Patrick Murphy
Founder & CEO

"Tribe massively accelerated our work to leverage machine learning to design better cancer and COVID-19 vaccines, and helped us work with extraordinary talent on a very short timescale."

Hannu Rajaniemi
Co-Founder & CEO

The Tribe way.

Why companies trust us to deliver critical AI.

We specialize in AI and machine learning.
With experience working across dozens of machine learning projects we’ve developed a process that sets every engagement up for success. Whether you’re a startup or a Fortune 500, we start every project the same way: with 2-4 weeks of data exploration, model benchmarking and experimentation.
We build a bespoke team for your project.
We build a custom team for your business, pulling from our network of over 100 machine learning engineers, data scientists, data engineers and product managers. In addition to your team leads, you will also have access to the collective knowledge base of the entire Tribe community for technical validation at all stages of a project.
We have applied experience across industries.
Tribe members are leaders in AI and machine learning, with direct experience building and deploying models at scale. From building pricing algorithms at Airbnb to self-driving technology for Tesla, we have the expertise to build tech that matters for your business.
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