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How to Evaluate Generative AI Opportunities – A Framework for VCs

A successful investor has to cut through the hype by focusing on fundamentals to evaluate a company’s potential for long-term growth. But what happens when a new technology like generative AI disrupts existing frameworks for evaluation? Read on to learn more.

Recent projects


On-demand expertise to test technical feasibility for a venture lab

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GenAI advisory support to vertical SaaS VC firm and portfolio

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Built AI-powered estimation software for construction startup

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Doubled the performance of predictive model to quantify wildfire risk

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How Tribe can help

Insight discovery

Surface insights using unstructured data from the deal journey – such as company presentations, industry reports, and portfolio company data.

Operational efficiency

Summarize Confidential Information Memorandums (CIMs) and automate the NDA procedures, ensuring smooth and seamless operational flow.

Portfolio support

Accelerate the path to market by removing technical roadblocks, increase downstream financing by building core ML IP, and extend runway by automating processes and access to fractional and on-demand talent.

Venture creation & on-demand talent

Turn ideas into tangible, actionable products by tapping into our niche expertise. Tribe ensures the practicality and feasibility of every venture concept. Additionally, with our unrivaled machine learning and data talent, companies can benefit from flexible capacity ranging from 10 to 40 hours a week or a consult-to-hire model for the perfect fit.
Work with the best AI talent in the world
AI Researcher

Research at Berkeley and MIT

PhD at Berkeley

Large Language Models, NLP, Human-In-The-Loop
ML Product Leader

Product at Google

Cofounder of

Product Management, Deep Learning, Large Language Models

CTO at Togal
ML at Adblock

Deep learning, Neural networks, ML engineer
AI Researcher
Andrew C.

Worked at Google Brain, Gretel AI

OpenAI Fellow

LLMs, NLP, Transformers
AI Researcher

AI and research at Meta,
Allen AI, and Palantir

CV, NLP, ML Engineer

VP of Eng at Carta

Head of Eng at Nova

Blockchain, Fintech, Advisor
Principal ML Engineer

Director of Data Science at Appen,

Researcher at Toyota

Infrastructure, Data Science, ML Ops
Senior Data Scientist

Data at Google

Launched Apple card at Apple

Data infra, Deep learning
ML Engineer

ML at Google

Early engineer at Amazon Data

Data eng, NLP, Supply chain
ML Product Manager

ML Producer at Uber and Groupon,

HCI at Stanford

Product Management, Language Interfaces, Algorithmic Pricing
Research Engineer

Researcher at University of Edinburgh

Product at Google

AI Fairness, Interpretability, NLP
ML Engineer

Worked at Asana, Wikimedia, CertiK

1st DS hire at Deserve

Data science, Web3, AI Ethics
ML Scientist

PhD from Cambridge University

Worked on NLP at Amazon Alexa

NLP, Chatbots, NLU
Senior ML Engineer

First employee at Weights & Biases,

Worked at Google

Data Science, NLP, Computer Vision
ML Engineer

ML Engineer at Meta

Co-founder Habiter (YC S20)

NLP, LLM, Neural networks, Deep learning

Trusted by top executives

Tribe stepped into our company at a critical time to help us not only build out our machine learning, but also to act as a true advisor.
There continues to be an extreme imbalance between supply and demand. Tribe AI has access to the supply that no one else does and that will continue to be an extreme advantage.”
Tribe  came in and was fully integrated in our team. It was a benefit for us, having other smart voices in the room who had deeper expertise when it comes to satellite imagery and computer vision than what we had on the team.”
I think the benefit with Tribe is they’re so experienced in the field, they can come in and very quickly assess what needs to be done and start building right away. I think that’s something really special.”

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