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Tribe AI empowers businesses through intelligent AI solutions built on the robust infrastructure of AWS Cloud. We specialize in harnessing the power of AWS's suite of AI and ML services including SageMaker for end-to-end machine learning workflows, Rekognition for image and video analysis, and Lex for building sophisticated chatbots. With Tribe, you can leverage the predictive capabilities of Forecast, personalize customer experience using Personalize, and comprehend human language using Comprehend. Our team of experts seamlessly integrates these AWS services to develop bespoke applications that automate your operations, accelerate decision-making, and create unmatched customer experiences.

Tribe builds AI on AWS with real-world impact


Automating pricing for a PE-owned insurance MGA

PE, Insurance, Pricing

Building ML ops platform for public medical device company

ML Ops, Healthcare

Accelerating time to market for OpenAI-backed startup

Generative AI, NLP, LLMs, Deep Learning

Building automation roadmap for publishing startup using GPT

NLP, LLMs, Generative AI

Advising PE firm on where to roll out GPT across portfolio

LLMs, Generative AI, Advisory

Increasing accuracy of core NLP model for compliance startup

NLP, Model Refinement

Automating categorization of transactions for fintech co

NLP, Model development, Classifier model, PoC

Automating growth stage security startups’ diligence process

NLP, Automation

Defining technical approach for AI-driven fertility startup

Data analysis, Advisory, NLP, Healthcare

Prioritizing investments for leading PE firm using custom ML toolkit

PE, Data science

Predicting wildfire risk for reinsurance startup using ML

Model refinement, Computer vision, Neural network, Insurance

Advanced AI solutions built on AWS


We pride ourselves as an AI consultancy that excels in leveraging AWS SageMaker, a ground-breaking service that streamlines the process of building, training, and deploying machine learning models. Our expertise lies in seamlessly integrating SageMaker's robust capabilities into your business processes.

With us, you get to harness the power of SageMaker's fully-managed environments that support PyTorch, TensorFlow, and other popular ML frameworks. We tailor SageMaker's built-in algorithms and model tuning to your unique needs, facilitating faster training times and superior prediction capabilities.

From data wrangling with SageMaker Data Wrangler to experimentation management with SageMaker Studio, our team optimizes every feature of this AWS service to bring about operational efficiency and data-driven decision making in your organization. With Cloud Intelligence, elevate your AI strategy with SageMaker, and let us guide you in creating an intelligent future for your business


As a leading AI consultancy, we specialize in implementing and leveraging AWS Comprehend, a natural language processing (NLP) service that uses machine learning to discover insights and relationships in text.

Our seasoned team integrates Comprehend into your operations to automatically extract information about entities, key phrases, language, sentiments, and more from your data. From customer feedback and social media posts to extensive documents, we help you unlock the potential hidden in unstructured text.

By pairing AWS Comprehend with your business strategy, we enable your organization to understand customer sentiments, monitor brand perception, streamline customer support, and even automate compliance surveillance. With Cloud Intelligence, ride the wave of AI-driven language understanding, and uncover valuable insights that propel your business towards a more intelligent and data-driven future.


As an advanced AI consultancy, we leverage the power of AWS Rekognition, a deep learning-based image and video analysis service, to transform your business processes.

Our team of experts integrates Rekognition into your operations, enabling your systems to identify objects, people, text, scenes, and activities, as well as detect any inappropriate content in images and videos. We implement Rekognition's facial analysis and facial recognition features to enhance security measures, customer engagement, and user verification processes.

From automating content moderation to providing valuable customer insights through demographic data, Cloud Intelligence ensures that you harness the full potential of Rekognition's capabilities. Join us at Cloud Intelligence to embark on an AI-led visual transformation journey, and let us help you see your business through a new lens.

Generative AI Blueprint

We start by identifying generative use cases specific to your business and setting performance benchmarks to ensure alignment with your goals. Next we conduct stakeholder interviews to gain a deeper understanding of your organization's workflows to develop a clear success criteria for your generative product.

In week two of the Blueprint, we bring your generative use case to life. In this phase, we do rapid prototyping to build an MVP tailored to your identified use-case. Our team will test various Large Language Models (LLMs) to pinpoint the one that delivers optimal results for your specific needs.

We believe in a data-driven approach, and thus, in week three we continuously evaluate and measure the performance of your product to guarantee it meets established benchmarks and success criteria. Based on the results, we'll fine-tune the models and the prompts to optimize the outputs.

In the final week of the engagement our team will develop a comprehensive implementation plan, outlining the necessary steps to seamlessly transition your MVP into a full-scale production solution. We consider factors such as scalability, maintainability, and integration with existing systems, ensuring a smooth and efficient deployment.
The top AI talent and certified AWS experts
AI Researcher
Andrew C.

Worked at Google Brain, Gretel AI

OpenAI Fellow

LLMs, NLP, Transformers
AI Researcher

AI and research at Meta,
Allen AI, and Palantir

CV, NLP, ML Engineer
Data Scientist

Worked for Nasa, Google,
Stanford, Wayfair

Text classification, Demand forecasting
Principal ML Engineer

Director of Data Science at Appen,

Researcher at Toyota

Infrastructure, Data Science, ML Ops
ML Engineer

ML at Google

Early engineer at Amazon Data

Data eng, NLP, Supply chain
ML Product Manager

ML Producer at Uber and Groupon,

HCI at Stanford

Product Management, Language Interfaces, Algorithmic Pricing
Research Engineer

Researcher at University of Edinburgh

Product at Google

AI Fairness, Interpretability, NLP
ML engineer

Engineering at Surge AI, Twitter

Harvard CS degree

Large Language Models, NLP, Humans-In-The-Loop
ML Engineer

Deep Learning Scientist at Ravel Biotech

Researcher at Harvard Medical School

LLMs, Genomics, Reinforcement learning
NLP Researcher

Data Scientist at IBM and AWS,

Faculty at Carnegie Mellon

Large Language Models, NLP, Infrastructure
Senior ML Engineer

First employee at Weights & Biases,

Worked at Google

Data Science, NLP, Computer Vision
ML and Software Engineer

Worked for Google Brain

and Facebook AI Research

Neural Networks, Computer Vision, Transformers

CTO at Togal
ML at Adblock

Deep learning, Neural networks, ML engineer
ML Engineer

Software Engineering at Google

Linguistics at UCLA

NLP, CV, Linguistics

VP of Eng at Carta

Head of Eng at Nova

Blockchain, Fintech, Advisor
Senior Data Scientist

Data at Google

Launched Apple card at Apple

Data infra, Deep learning
AI Research Scientist

AI Research at Amazon

PhD Cognitive Neuroscience, Published 50+ papers

Data Science, Causal Interference, NLP
ML Engineer

Engineer at Cityblock Health

Sr Engineer Flatiron Health

Product, Dimensional modeling, Analytics
ML Engineer

Led ML at ClearBrain , Amplitude

Recommendations, ML infra, AWS
ML Engineer

ML at Amazon, Microsoft,
ASAPP, Infinitus

Conversational AI, NLP, Healthcare
Full-stack Engineer

Engineer at RBC

ML scientist at Arterys medical

Neural networks, Data eng, Recommendations
ML Engineer

Worked at Asana, Wikimedia, CertiK

1st DS hire at Deserve

Data science, Web3, AI Ethics
ML Scientist

PhD from Cambridge University

Worked on NLP at Amazon Alexa

NLP, Chatbots, NLU
ML Engineer

ML Engineer at Meta

Co-founder Habiter (YC S20)

NLP, LLM, Neural networks, Deep learning
Why next-gen startups and innovative enterprises choose Tribe to build AI on AWS

Industry expertise

Tribe members have years of experience building and deploying real-world AI solutions at scale and across industries. Our network has deep expertise in finance, healthcare, insurance, private equity, ecommerce and more.

Bespoke teams

Tribe provides comprehensive teams to own the end-to-end AI lifecycle. Our teams encompass a diverse set of data expertise including design, research, development, product and infrastructure. Our full stack team approach allows us to design, build, and deploy custom AI solutions at scale.


Speed to market is a huge advantage and doubly so in AI. We staff teams in days not months to help innovative companies play to win.


Our team has extensive experience in data privacy and security compliance, ensuring that your data remains secure and confidential. We provide secure storage of sensitive data through a combination of encryption, access control, and secure protocols.

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Learn how Tribe leveraged AWS to build and deploy computer vision that automates the estimation process in construction

Construction is a $1.3 trillion a year industry in the United States. But, despite this, it can feel like nothing has changed in the last century. “Construction is antiquated,” says Patrick Murphy, CEO at Togal. “People are used to doing things the same way. Nothing major has truly changed since my grandfather first entered the business."

Take the estimation – or “takeoff” – process  as it’s called in the industry. First, the architect and developer comes up with the design. Then they give those blueprints to the general contractor who has to measure the area and perimeter of each room to calculate a bid. Then the contractor ...

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