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What is Tribe?

Tribe is a community of 150 technologists with deep experience in ML and data science. This includes ML engineers, product managers, and data scientists. Every member goes through a vetting process including an application and interview. Once you’re accepted, you can opt-in to paid projects across a wide range of industries and ML problems, attend our events, connect with the community on Slack, and even come work out of our office in Brooklyn.

So is everyone in Tribe a consultant?

We have a small core team to keep the business side of Tribe running, but all of the technologists in our community are consultants who work on a per-project basis. 

What if I want to work on Tribe projects part time/ full time/ found my own company/ travel the world?

Great! We’re so excited about all those things and you’ll find others in our community doing the same. Tribe is made up of:

  • Full-time consultants. We’ve got digital nomads volunteering their way across the globe and those who don’t want to be tied to one company. 
  • Part- time consultants. This includes startup founders consulting on the side or technologists with full time jobs looking to explore new industries. 
  • No time consultants. Our community also includes technologists who are just starting to explore consulting as an option or simply want to connect with the other talented people in our community. 

What kinds of projects and companies does Tribe engage with?

The truth is: there is no typical project. We work on projects for startups and large enterprises. We work across industries and tech stacks. You can see some examples of past projects here, but our needs for consultants are ever-evolving depending on the nature of projects in our pipeline. So, whether you’re looking for a long-term engagement in a specific industry or a quick-hit project tackling a specific type problem, we may have a project that’s the right fit. 

How long do projects last?

There’s no standard project length at Tribe. We’ve had some projects that take 4 weeks and others go on for a year or more. But, over the course of a project, a team might change as the needs of a project evolve. So there’s still lots of consulting opportunities for technologists interested in short-term or fractional engagements. 

How does Tribe make money?

Tribe works with a wide range of customers – from startups to large enterprise companies – to help them use ML to drive business success. Companies come to us with a data set or a problem they think ML can help them solve. Then our core team works with potential customers to understand and distill a project into its AI components. From there, Tribe assembles a team of consultants from our community based on their experience, interests, and availability.

Will I be working alone?

Typically, we work in teams that Tribe has assembled, not as individuals. And this generally includes a product manager to manage projects and client expectations. We believe in enabling the technologists in our community to focus on what they’re best at.

What if I’m interested in working on a specific industry or type of problem?

Great! Let us know and we’ll do our best to prioritize you for that type of project. 

How much will I get paid?

The short answer is: you work with the Tribe team to set your rate, and this is what you will be paid on a per-sprint basis when you get contracted for a project.

The long answer is a little more complicated. First, different industries or types of projects have different standard rates. For example, if you want to work for non-profits, you may need to be more flexible when it comes to setting your rate. Second, our community members come from a wide range of industries, geographic areas, and have varying levels of expertise so there truly is no average rate. But our core team is always there to answer any questions you have about this.

Where is Tribe located?

We’re a fully remote, global company, though we do have a high concentration of members in New York, the Bay Area, and Europe. And we recently opened our first physical space in New York. 

Why should I join Tribe?

We believe that project-based work is the future of ML because it will allow companies of all sizes and industries to successfully implement ML solutions, while giving top ML engineers and data scientists the freedom to get what they want out of their lives – whether that’s interesting ML problems, founding their own company, or spending more time with their family.

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