What is Tribe?

Tribe is the premier network of global AI experts – 300+ machine learning engineers, strategists, and data scientists from leading technical institutions. We help companies unlock the full potential of AI, driving success and innovation like never before.

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4.9/5 customer satisfaction
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Experts in Generative AI, NLP, CV, and more.
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<15% acceptance rate
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With MA and PhDs in CS and related fields
AI for every business

Tribe is helping transform every company into an AI company by bridging the talent gap for companies of all sizes.


By partnering with Tribe, companies get access to deep AI expertise and the industry's most sought-after strategists, data scientists, and AI engineers.


Tribe has the highest concentration of AI talent outside of FAANG. And the most Generative AI experts out of research labs like Open AI.


Tribe partners with businesses of all sizes to fuel innovation and drive success.

Freedom for the world's top technical talent

At Tribe, we’re redefining what a successful career in AI looks like. Tribe empowers members to build the life they desire around their work, with flexibility and camaraderie as core values.


At Tribe, we offer a unique path for top technical talent to pursue their passion for AI while retaining the autonomy of an entrepreneur.


Collaboration is key to greatness. Our global network of technical talent works together to solve tough challenges, push boundaries, and learn from one another.


Tribe members apply their AI/ML expertise to solve challenges for top companies, driving innovation and making a real-world impact.

How Tribe is shaping the future of AI

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