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"Tribe gives me the flexibility to build a startup without needing tons of personal runway. I can throttle my consulting hours up or down based on how much I want to earn and how much time I have to work on other projects."
Entrepreneur & ML Engineer
"After escaping the golden handcuffs of start-up tech, I started freelancing as a lone wolf. With Tribe, I discovered a community of like-minded curious thinkers who are always willing to share their technical learnings, compare rates, recommend places to travel, and trade emojis."
ML Engineer & Digital Nomad

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“I took a part time role because I wanted to truly be part of the company – have equity and help make decisions around strategy, while protecting a certain amount of my time to work on other projects.”
ML Engineer
"I'm working on a project using cutting edge ML to assess fire risk in California. The work informs insurance pricing, connects the economy to the cost of climate change, and helps fight active fires. A lot of tech companies do mental gymnastics to come up with how they're changing the world, so it's nice to do work where the impact is so clear."
ML Engineer & Researcher

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