Our mission is to unlock the power of AI for all

At Tribe, we’re forging a new path – one that allows us to solve our customers' toughest problems by empowering brilliant technologists to do what they do best.

How we're doing it for our collective.

Today, the best machine learning engineers either work at tech giants or are founding companies themselves. At Tribe, we combine the compensation and technical camaraderie of working at a company like Google with the autonomy and freedom of being an entrepreneur. 

How we're doing it for our customers.

Organizations that partner with Tribe don't just get to work with the world’s best technical talent, but exactly the right talent to solve their problems. We work together to identify high impact business opportunities to leverage machine learning, scope impactful projects, and handpick teams to make them a reality.

Together, we can build a future where AI and machine learning power the mission of every enterprise, startup, and non-profit.

We're thought leaders. Our community is driving AI forward.

We’re builders. AI startups our members have founded.


Improve ML models by improving their datasets.


Building the post-COVID classroom enabled by AI.


Creating the platform for local-first software.


Find a safer time to go shopping in a COVID world.
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