Data and AI consulting that doesn't suck

We help organizations drive change with machine learning by building a new path for the best talent in tech.

Lack of talent isn't the problem.

How we use it is.

Today, top technical talent generally chooses two paths: a full time job at a handful of tech giants or founding their own company for as long as their financial runway lasts.

Why is this a problem?

It concentrates a large percentage of top talent at a few tech giants, so fewer companies get access to their skills.
It forces highly specialized talent into generalized roles where their skills are underutilized.
Talented technologists don’t have the freedom or financial runway to start companies or spend their time how they want.

The way we think about work has to change.

Companies of all industries and sizes need access to highly skilled specialists, but the best talent in the world wants freedom, interesting work, and compensation. And that no longer needs to look like a full time job at one company.

Tribe is redefining how the best talent and the best companies work together.

We believe in a future where top talent gets paid to work on interesting problems on their own schedule and drive more impact for companies than they would at any full time job.

New modes of work

Managed projects, advisory roles, direct placements in companies – we work with talent and companies to build an engagement that maximizes flexibility, interest and impact.

Belief in the power of specialists

Tribe matches exactly the right expert or team to the right problem. We believe this is the key to driving outsized impact.

Designed to scale

We’ve designed the systems and processes that talent and companies need to get value

What is Tribe?

The destination for top ML experts

Our distributed community of 200+ ML engineers and data scientists from industry leaders in AI work on Tribe projects, give tech talks, share research, and hang out IRL.
A blueprint for AI with real-world impact

Our unique consulting model, drawing on a network of distributed specialists, has proven differentiated results for businesses of all sizes – from the Fortune 500 to high growth startups.

Proven success across industries and use cases

See how Tribe is driving impact for our community, our customers, and applied AI.

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